Quanta Panel

Quanta Panel Insulating Glass System

The QUANTAPANEL® Insulating Glass System (IGS), developed by Quanta Technologies Inc., is designed to maximize window energy efficiency. An innovative product unique to the market, it is more affordable than the competing option of replacement windows, and more effective than the aging technology of storm windows.

Excessive energy consumption not only affects our planet, but also our wallets. As the price of energy increases, we must find more ways to reduce our energy consumption. With buildings responsible for 40 percent of the nation’s energy use, today’s new buildings are designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency; while existing homes and buildings continue to lose energy.

Homes and buildings constructed before 1990 were rarely built with energy efficiency in mind. In this infrared (IR) photo, the red indicates where most of the home’s energy is being lost. Windows can account for up to 15 percent of a home’s energy loss, and while ripping out old windows to replace them with new, high performance windows solves this problem, it is at a substantial cost. QuantaPanel IGS offers the same energy saving solution at 1/5 of the total cost.

The QuantaPanel IGS is a secondary sash system that can be installed on the interior or exterior of your existing windows. This new and innovative technology enables even the oldest buildings to obtain maximum energy savings.

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