About Us

Customized Solutions

Our approach to building performance improvement is never the same. We use the whole house approach which consists of taking each building’s variations and variables into account rather than looking at each situation with a “cookie cutter” attitude. In other words, we strive to provide each customer with a personalized solution to their needs. We use quality materials and products that have a solid track record to provide peace of mind and optimal performance.

Comprehensive Approach

We visualize the entire building as one complex system with many interacting components. Altering a single component may result in affecting the whole system (for good or for bad), so it is critical to have a comprehensive approach. We take all factors into account including your comfort, health, safety, and personal concerns.

Training and Preparation

All of our employees in the weatherization department are thoroughly trained and educated. At Sellair, this is an ongoing process given the rapid advances in theories and technologies in the field of energy efficiency. All of our auditors are BPI certified and every employee is trained to provide our customers with the best knowledge and service possible. Please visit our testimonials page to see what our customers have said about Sellair.

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